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Bali’s Dive Sites

Bali’s Dive Sites offer a wide variety of underwater environments. From drift diving at Nusa Penida, muck diving at Secret Bay or Amed, the famous Liberty ship wreck at Tulamben, the vertical walls at Gili Biaha, the sea mounts and shark caves of Gili Tepekong or Manata Rays at Manta Point, or combine all these dives into a customised dive safari. Indonesia diving is among the best in the world, Bali Diving is an easy and inexpensive way to see the best of Indonesian diving. Bali has something for every diver and diving certification level. Bali’s reef are amongst the richest and most diverse in the world and are home to hard and soft coral, sea fans and a kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish.


Manta Point Bali

Usually there are many Mantas cruising this cleaning station.  The site is a shallow coastal reef full of leather corals and sponges.  We can also see nurse sharks, cleaner fish, nudibranchs and the usual reef fish.  The swell can be strong.


Crystal Bay Bali

Crystal Bay is famous in Bali as one of the cleaning stations for the Mola Mola (Giant Ocean Sunfish).  The fish life is very rich with a large variety of hard and soft corals.  All the usual reef fish are found here plus much macro but the main attraction has to be the Mola Mola.  Currents can be difficult here, depending on the moon cycle, so not a place for the novice diver.



Tepekong is a small island off CandiDasa with reef slopes, vertical walls, a swim through and a shark cave.  Good chance of seeing white tip reef sharks.  Plus all the usual reef fish and macro on the leather coral slopes.  Currents mild to strong, especially in the Canyon.



Tepekong is a small island with reef slopes and vertical walls, rock pillars and swim through. There is a Superb numbers. Schooling barracudas, turtles and much more. A good chance of seeing pelagic species like white tip reef shark.



Tulamben is a shore dive over large pebble coastline.  120 metre long 1942 shipwreck is Bali’s most popular dive site. With a huge variety of hard and soft coral completely covering the wreck including large barrel sponges and sea fans.  Very high density of reef fish, surgeon fish, rabbit fish, potato groupers, napoleon wrasse, bumphead parrot fish and usually one large barracuda.  Easy diving, very little current, plus a gigantic swirl of schooling big eye trevallies are a highlight above the wreck.

Cemeluk - Amed

Amed has the best variety of hard corals in Bali. Further a huge variety of tropical reef fish; grouper, trigger, scorpion and parrot fish (Bump heads), moray eels, if lucky small reef sharks.



Padang Bai

Minutes away from our dive centre are 7 different dive sites on and around Blue Lagoon.  Great variety from sites for the novice to the very experienced diver, a haven for photographers with a myriad of species to pose for a portrait (Moray Eels, Leaf Scorpoinfish, Stonefish, Lionfish, Seahorse).  Large variety of hard and soft coral bommies.  Mild to moderate currents, ideal for beginners





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